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#3517. I, Me, Myself

, level: Elementary
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VVSchool, New Delhi, India
Materials Required: Heavy paper, paints, markers
Activity Time: three to four hours
Concepts Taught: Organs in our body

Another way of doing the unit on my body -- A big book of self portrait on the cover and as you flip open the cover on both sides, the inside of the body.

The students will be provided 16"x 20" box-board with the two ends folded and meeting in the center. On the reverse side the students will be asked to do a self-portrait of the
face, body and arms in pencil, the term will be explained. They will be asked to feel all of the facial features as they are named. Next they will be asked to feel the outline of the head, down the neck, shoulders and one arm laid against the body. The students will be asked to measure the size of the their face with the outstretched hand. The self-portrait will have to be life size, while the arms should fall along the edges of the folded card.
The hands can be traced. The figure is drawn on the reverse for a number of students will have to redraw them in larger size. The other thing to be
watchful of is that the arms will have to be along the edge. I recommend that the adults do the cutting out of the figure along the edges of the hair, neck, shoulder and hands only, not the arms, so that the flaps open out to look inside the big book.

Following the cutting, the students will be provided six patches of skin colours on the back of their hands to find out which one matches them best. Strangely, otherwise the students pick the light skin colour. On this day they will paint the skin colour on the face, neck, hands and part of the arms that show. The next day they will paint the hair, facial features and the clothes. This is done for otherwise there are quite a number of students who will paint the facial features while the paint is still wet.

I wonder how the students would react if they were shown the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidney and intestines of a goat? If this could be a problem then I will show them the life size model of the organs from the science lab. The students will be asked to take a close look at each organ, the colours and the texture.

In the center of the room will be provided the different colours and odds and ends with which to texture the paint -- pieces of sponge, toothbrushes, nail brushes, stiff bristled brushes, soft bristled brushes. On one side will be provided different sized paper in trays that will be labeled -- brain, heart, lung, liver, kidney and intestines.

The first day the students will experiment and fill the papers with the colour and texture of an organ. Be certain that each one writes their names on the reverse. The second day they will cut out the shape of the organ and paste it on the inside page of their big book. Labels could be provided for each organ so the students learn to spell these difficult words made easy through the activity.

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