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Posted Thu Jul 14 14:46:37 PDT 2005 by Maria Reed (
St. Eskolastika, Chicago, IL.

Re: joplin, springfield area
Posted by Mary Ann Magsaysay on 7/15/03

On 7/06/02, Addie/mo wrote:
> Hi,
> I currently live in Seneca, which is southwest of Joplin, but
> I am in the process of moving to Branson. I am going to be
> elementary principal at a small district just outside of
> Branson, Kirbyville. I taught and was an assistant principal
> in the Seneca school district for a total of 13 years (11
> teaching, 2 AP). It is a great school district. The
> elementary was a national blue ribbon school several years
> ago. They are very into technology and have an emphasis on
> reading at the elementary level.
> The smaller districts around the Joplin area are all pretty
> good places to work from what I understand, Webb City,
> Carthage, Neosho, Carl Junction, Seneca, etc. You will find
> the pay in those districts is comparable to Joplin. Joplin is
> all about the MAP testing, because they have to get their
> scores up. Everything revolves around this. That is not to
> say that other districts in Missouri are not influenced by
> MAP, but it is a "live or die" thing in Joplin. I am not
> familiar with the Springfield area schools.
> If you are curious about more information, please feel free
> to email me.

I saw the article above from your website. I did not know who to contact for this. I am writing this complain on the first empty space I saw.
I was alarmed because this lady is not using her name. She is using the name of a person I know who is from Chicago.
Please contact her. This is gross misrepresentation. She carries a profession that that must be trusted. I can be reached at 417-782-2917. Thank you very much.