Grade: all
Subject: Language

#352. Sparkle - a spelling game

Language, level: all
Posted by Gina Bierbaum (
University of Nebraska, Education Student, Bellevue, USA
Activity Time: as long as you want
Concepts Taught: Play a game and practice or learn spelling words for that week as you go

All of the students stand. The teacher picks a student to begin the game with by selecting a spelling word from the current week's list and asking them to give the first letter, ie SCHOOL. The first student would say S, the second C, and so on. If a student gives the wrong letter, the word needs to begin being spelled from the letter S. Once the word is spelled correctly, the next student would say "sparkle" and the student behind them would sit down. The next student starts the second word and this would continue until all of the words are finished. If needed, use challenge words. The last person standing is the winner.