Grade: Middle

#3534. Creative Writing

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Sat Nov 5 21:18:30 PST 2005 by Brandi (McWilliams).
Fort Lupton Middle School, Fort Lupton, USA
Materials Required: Paper, pen, glue, poster board, fake money
Activity Time: class period
Concepts Taught: writing and higher order thinking

Lesson Sequence
1. The students will enter the classroom and get out their journals.
2. I will write this question on the board as a warm-up lesson. If you were to win a million dollars what three things would you buy first?(May need to explain first to my ELL learners and buy)
3. I then will go over words in the question with them. I also will write ideas that they have up on the board so they can see how the words they might want to use in their story is used. I also will let them ask questions about the question or anything else they might need to get started.
4. I will tell them what I would do with a million dollars so that they will understand how to answer the question. They can use my answer as an example.
5. I will go over the key vocabulary and have them write the key vocabulary down because I will use these words on their vocabulary test.
6. I will give the students time to write their answers in their journals. I will ask them to write four or five sentences.
7. Each student then will get his or her supplies (glue, scissors, magazines, poster board). They then will listen for further instruction.
8. I will tell them that they are going to make a poster. The poster board will consist of things they just wrote about. For example if a student said they were going to buy a horse then they will cut out a house. They can cut out anything that relates to the answer they wrote and they can also cut out anything that they said they would buy.
9. I will demonstrate for them what I want done. I will take my fake money and glue in to my board, and then I will label it money.
10. I then will give everyone in the class fake money to glue to their board to get them started.
11. I will go around the classroom to help them find things in their magazines as well as help them label. They may need to use their picture dictionaries for this.
12. After they are finished I may add some of the words that they used on their poster board as key vocabulary. I will give them a list of what the vocabulary will be.

I will follow-up by giving them a vocabulary test at the end of the next week. I will

give them a list of the words a week before and I also will do practice using these

words. I may have them share their poster boards if they feel comfortable doing so.