Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#3538. Learning new Defintions

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Aug 2 11:53:10 PDT 2005 by Dwane Chappelle (
Thurgood Marshall, Dallas, Tx
Materials Required: Graphic organizers
Activity Time: 50 min

Learning new definitions

1. Students will demonstrate higher order thinking skills by analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing information generated through the instruction model.
2. Students will demonstrate their understanding of the subject.

Opening: Tell the class we are going to learn 7 new words today. Explain the relevance of enriching vocabulary and the relevance to the current lesson and state standard. (5min)

Introduction: Each student receives a graphic organizer "Read It, Write It, Draw IT". The same graphic organizer is also shown on the overhead. The overhead is turned on with the 7 new vocabulary words written in. The class is instructed to copy the words in the same location onto their graphic organizer. (5 min)

Guided Practice:
Next, the students are to guess what the word means above it in the space allocated. Model this when this lesson is first being introduced. Once the entire class has made guesses, ask volunteers for their definitions for the new words. Once the class has shared, or someone has guessed correctly, then I write the glossary definition onto the define portion of the graphic organizer. The class then copies the correct definition. Once they have finished copying, they are instructed to draw what they think the word looks like. Continue this process for all seven words. The students draw their interpretation of the word on their own graphic organizers. The teacher is constantly circulating through the entire process to ensure that students are correctly defining new words. One volunteer goes up to the overhead and draws their interpretation of the new word for the entire class to see. This continues for the seven new words. (15 min)

Independent Practice: Once all new words are defined and the graphic organizers are complete, the class is instructed to create 7 new sentences, using each new word once. On the back of the graphic organizer you'll have plenty of space to complete this. (15 min)

Closure: Students volunteer to share their sentences. The class is reminded that we will continue to review these new words throughout the week and there will be a quiz on Friday. (10 min)