Grade: Senior
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#3547. Country Project

, level: Senior
Posted Mon Aug 8 13:38:56 PDT 2005 by Sarah Pederson (
El Camino High School, South San Francisco, CA
Materials Required: Internet, books, time
Activity Time: 1 week

The purpose of this project is not to learn all of the random facts about the country but more to explore the country and find out interesting things to you and why this country is important to you personally. Maybe it's the food, maybe the history, maybe the people. . .whatever inspires you to know more about the country and make it memorable.

The presentation should be about 3-5 minutes in length and include the following: Must be able to show the country on a map of the continent and its capital. Speak of the important item(s) you brought and speak of its importance. Speak about what is on your post-cards and why and hand them out. Include your most interesting facts, history and people of the country as written in your essay. This presentation must not be read and must be memorized (q-cards are okay).

You will need one "post-card" for everyone in the class (35). On this post-card, have a picture(s) of the country, flag or important visuals that represent the country. On the other side, have important facts like a picture/drawing of the country, or where it is in the continent, what the capital is, etc. . . Include some interesting things about the country, and your favorite thing(s). Be sure to label and pictures so your peers know who they are!

Must be one page in length double-spaced (12 font Times-New Roman or similar). Must include the name of the country, capital, important figures, artists, writers, politicians/revolutions, regional foods, dance, games, holidays, independence day and year etc...Must include one item (food, clothing, picture. . .) specifically that makes this country important to you...This item will be shown at the presentation. I.e.: "My family came from Argentina so tango is really important to me and my culture. Here are a pair of Tango shoes that remind me of my culture and the country."

Oral 30 points- Graded on articulation, loudness, interest, and personal input.
Visual 30 points- Graded on appearance, organization, and apparent effort.
Written 40 points- Graded on grammar, organization, spelling, clarity, and information