Grade: Middle

#3550. Learning Plot

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
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Materials Required: childrens books
Activity Time: 2 class periods of 50 minutes
Concepts Taught: plot, conflict, resolution

Learning Plot

Description: This is a lesson designed to teach students how to identify certain literary elements, such as conflict and exposition, within a text. The students will use children's books to chart and recognize those elements.

Subject/Grade Level: 10th English II

Classroom Time: 50 minutes

Objectives: The students will demonstrate an understanding of the effects of literary elements and techniques within culturally diverse texts.

TEKS: 11A The students will compare and contrast aspects of texts such as theme, conflict and allusion.
11C The students will describe and analyze the development of plot and identify how they are addressed and resolved.

Materials: Children's books and lecture notes.

Procedures: The students will take notes and participate in classroom discussion. Students will be assessed on prior knowledge of the information and then given the definitions of the literary elements. Students will break into pre-assigned groups to read a specific children's book. Then students will use graphic organizers to chart each of the elements of plot that are present within the text. Finally the students will present their findings to the class.

Assessment: The student's level of comprehension will be assessed when each student presents his/her information. Teacher can informally assess whether the students understood or not. The students will also have a take home quiz where they will be provided a text and required to chart the element.

Extensions: Students can write a short story using the elements of plot.