Grade: Elementary
Subject: Computer

#3557. Columbus Day / Computer

Computer, level: Elementary
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Mary Queen of Peace School, Webster Groves, Missouri, U.S.
Materials Required: computer, drawing program, informational materials
Concepts Taught: Columbus Day, Computers, History, Social Studies, Art

Christopher Columbus
Lesson Plan

Date: Columbus Day

Grade: 1st Grade1

Subject: Computers

Cross-Curriculum Subjects: History, Social Studies, Art2

Topic(s): Columbus Day

Objective(s)3 :

Curriculum Guide:

Students will be able to understand and discuss the importance of Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, and Independence Day. (Social Studies)

Students will be able to access applications and files with assistance. (Computer)

Students will be able to access network and exit network services. (Computer)

Students will be able to create simple word processing and drawing documents relating to grade level curriculum. (Computer)

Students will be able to identify U.S. historical events and celebrations. (Social Studies)

Students will be able to understand and discuss Native Americans, settlers, Pilgrims. (Social Studies)

Students will be able to utilize drawing programs, using drawing tools (fill bucket, eraser, stamps). (Computer)

Students will be able to utilize file management (create, save, print, and retrieve files) with help. (Computer)

Students will develop input (mouse, track pad, etc.) skills and hand-eye coordination). (Computer)

Students will engage in a qualitative exploration of art making (production). (Art)

Show-Me Standards:

Performance (Process Standards):

Students will be able to identify, analyze and compare the institutions, traditions and art forms of past and present societies. (1.9)

Students will be able to use technological tools to exchange information and ideas (2.7)

Students will be apply to perform or produce works in the fine and practical arts. (2.5)

Knowledge (Content Standards):

Students will acquire a solid foundation that includes knowledge of the process and techniques for the production, exhibition or performance of one or more of the visual or performed arts. (FA 1)


- Computer
- Printer (Optional)
- KidPix (or some other drawing program)
- Columbus Template4
- Informational Material on Christopher Columbus5

Anticipatory Set:

Ask students about what holidays are in the month of October. What holiday is it today? Introduce Columbus using the materials you have gathered. Ask students about that trip, would they want to do it themselves? Introduce the ship that Columbus used. Explain that it is not like our ships. Show the parts that make up the ships.

Explain that students will be painting their own ships like Columbus'.


Discuss Christopher Columbus, his life, his voyages, and his ships.

Explain to students that Columbus' ships were not the same as our ships/boats today.

Discuss KidPix (or other drawing program) as necessary to introduce the drawing components (paint brush, pencil, color changes, etc.)

Students draw/paint their ships. Encourage students to take their time when drawing/painting.

Print the pictures if desired. Consider walking the students through how to print to learn another skill.


Ask students to review the discussed material about Columbus and his ship.

If you printed out the drawings, you can send them home with students or use them within the classroom.

Screen Shots (Examples of Work Produced):

Christopher Columbus Template:


My Drawing:


Examples of Student's Work:








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