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#3558. Sound Story about Taking a Walk around town!

Music, level: all
Posted Mon Jan 23 03:58:06 PST 2012 by Randy Sauer (Randy Sauer).
Taking a Walk
Randy's Music Jam, Hays, KS USA
Materials Required: rhythm instruments, sound system
Activity Time: 15 min.
Concepts Taught: Rhythm, Playing instruments, creativity

"Taking a Walk" is a sound story about taking a walk around the town and listening to the sounds you hear. During the song students selected can make up rhythms and sounds to go with each verse. There is a section during the Bridge of the song for the rest of the class to make wind and bird sounds in the background and then also at the end of the song. My students love this song in my classes. I have provided the lyrics along with suggested instruments to use with each verse. You can substitute whichever instruments you have with this song. The song is located at This version has the sounds already in the background but I do have a version without the sounds in my reverbnation store. Hope you enjoy this song!!!

Taking a Walk -- Randy Sauer (2012)

(Sound Story using basic rhythm instruments with the song)(Available for purchase without the instrument sounds in my Reverbnation Store)

Taking a walk a walk around the town
Open your ears and listen to the sounds
Taking a walk a walk around the town
Just listen to the sounds as we walk around.

VERSE 1 Possible Instruments -- Guiro, ratchet

My neighbor John is mowing his lawn
Listen to the sound as he mows the lawn.

VERSE 2 Possible Instruments- Wood Block, claves

Uncle Fred is building a shed
Listen to him hammer as he builds the shed

VERSE 3 Possible Instruments -- Jingle bells, finger cymbals, tambourine

A cute little beagle has tags that jingle
Listen to the tags as they make a jingle.

VERSE 4 Possible Instruments -- Egg Shaker, bells

I hear a train going clickety clack
Clickety clack down the railroad track

VERSE 5 Possible Instruments -- Cowbell, woodblock

I hear a jack hammer at the construction site
Watching cement break is quite the sight.

Bridge ( Instruments verse 1-5 all make sounds softly)
(those with no instruments make wind and bird sounds)

Stop and listen to the sounds around town
I can hear all the sounds softly in the background
Listen to the wind blowing through the big trees
Listen to the birds as they sing tweedle dee (instruments and sounds stop)

VERSE 6 Possible Instruments -- Rain stick, sand block

I hear some rain as I walk back home
I'm so glad I am just about home.

Ending (all instruments play till end of song)

We're just about home from walking the town
We listened to the sounds as we walk around
We're just about home from walking the town
Thanks for taking a walk with me.