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#356. Internet Social Studies Treasure Hunt

Social Studies, level: other
Posted Thu Oct 8 19:17:20 PDT 1998 by Candace Jackson (
Museum Mania FREE On-line Treasure Hunts
Museum Mania, Agoura Hills, CA USA
Materials Required: Internet access
Activity Time: 20 to 45 minutes depending on age & ability
Concepts Taught: Students gain a tremendous amount of knowledge and learn new diverce resoursces and homework sites.

The project site is a
Social Studies and
integrated educational
resource for learning
how to use the
Internet and
introducing students
to the vast variety of
helpful sites available
to them.

Students will follow
the directions that are
located on the main
treasure hunt page.
Answers are sent to
students upon
completion of the
The new September
treasure hunt is a
Social Studies-based
hunt on the events
that took place in and
surrounding the
California Gold Rush.
The newest theme hunt is an
International Holiday Treasure Hunt. Grades 3 & up.