Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Science

#3560. Balloon Science

Science, level: Pre-School
Posted Tue Sep 6 13:31:59 PDT 2005 by Heidi Parker and Peggy Smith (, psmith@allsaints-beaumont.or).
All Saints Episcopal School, Beaumont, USA
Materials Required: See Attached Lesson Plan
Activity Time: 30-45 Minutes
Concepts Taught: See Attached Lesson Plan

Students will understand properties of balloons; expansion and contraction, shape, color, etc.
Lesson Developers:
Subjects covered:
Math - Students will sort balloons according to shape, color, size, etc and will count them.
Science -- Students will learn about "expansion" and "contraction". They will also learn the properties of balloons.
Language arts -- The teacher will demonstrate writing on the chart tablet, recording the students' observations about balloons.
Social development -- Students will learn to share and collaborate through the distribution and exploration of the balloon gift bags.
Lesson Engagement:
• Computer with Internet access
• Balloons (all shapes and sizes)
• Gift bags with colored tissue paper
• Chart tablet
• Chart markers
1. Place a gift bag full of balloons on each table. Do not tell the students what is inside.
2. Ask students if they have ever been to a birthday party. Brainstorm different things they might see at a party.
3. Discuss balloons and how they are made. Show website:
4. On Chart Tablet, write properties of balloons the students have mentioned.
5. Seat children at tables. Instruct them to avoid opening the bags until they are told to begin.
6. Ask the students to suggest things that might be inside the bags.
7. Empty the bags onto the tables. The children will initiate various activities as they learn about balloons. The teacher will walk around the tables facilitating the activities. She will ask leading questions to help the children learn all they can about balloons. (Some children will immediately begin sorting them by colors. Others will begin sorting them by type. Some children will try to grab all of the balloons on their table. This will provide an excellent way for the teacher to guide the children in a lesson on sharing and cooperation.)
8. After 5-10 minutes, or until the children's interest begins to wane, ask students what new things they have learned about balloons. Add these observations to the chart tablet.
9. Explain the terms "expand" and "contract". Show students how the balloons accomplish both. Blow up a balloon and show the students how a balloon can "fly" when let go. Make music with the balloon by holding the mouth of the balloon between your fingers and let small amounts of air out. You might also fill a balloon with water. Add these characteristics to your chart tablet.
10. As the children gather and clean up the balloons, review what they have learned by "reading the chart".