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#3566. Picture Your Invisible Self

other, level: all
Posted Sat Sep 17 11:34:48 PDT 2005 by Karen Tadder (, Bristol, CT
Materials Required: 12" x 18" construction paper
Activity Time: 3 hours
Concepts Taught: INTRApersonal skills

"Validate Our Children"

Teach students how to identify, illustrate, and write about their own self-image.
Book includes 34 easy to follow instructions for students and 21 full color examples of student artwork. Conclude with "6 Steps to Empowerment" and a new definition of RESILIENCE. Authored by a National Board Certified Teacher. Gain a different meaning of the words, "No Child Left Behind." A MUST for beginning teachers. "This Lesson Plan captures the most important thing about teaching. It lets the children know that we care." - Dr. Paula Talty, Director of Curriculum and Development. See for Lesson Plan.