Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#3573. Fertilization and Pregnancy

Science, level: Middle
Posted Wed Nov 9 21:48:58 PST 2005 by Genevieve Darvin-Faraon (
Siena College Quezon City, Philippines
Materials Required: OHP, transparencies, Multimedia projector, VHS Miracle of Life, cassette player, Madonna's Papa Don'
Activity Time: 2 periods of 1 hour each
Concepts Taught: fertization, embryonic development

1. Describe the following processes:
a. fertilization
b. embryonic development
c. fetal development
d. birth
2. List down the diffrent organs derived from the ectoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm
3. Infer the importance of the following structures amnion, chorion and allantois
4. Tabulate the events taking place in cleavage, gastrulutaion and neurulation
5. Support actions against abortion
6. Support the natural birth control method in family planning and responsible parenthood program of your government
7. Design a poster on anti-abortion
8. Interpret poems and other related articles on abortion and motherhood
Values Integration:
A child is a gift not a choice.
Play the song "Papa Don't Preach" by Madonna. Ask the class to follow the lyrics on transparency and tell them to choose the line they like best and why. Allow them to critique the song as to the values appropriate/inappropriate in your respective cultures.
Lesson development:
1. Tell the class that the lesson for the day is related to the song that they just heard.
2. Make a worksheet that your class can answer. Include in your worksheet a portion where the students can write their prior knowledge on fertilization, pregnanacy and birth.( Sample Statements may include ...This is What I kNow.. This is What I Want To Know and This is What I Learned...)The last statement may be filled up at the end of the day's lesson.
2. Allow the class to watch the portion of the film "The Miracle of Life" that contains fertilization and development.
3. Divide the class in groups. Make them construct/compose drawings, songs, poems,dance, TV or print advertisement on the topics presented in the film.
4. Present whatever they have accomplished in class. The teacher and the rest of the class critique the presentation of each group.The teacher may reinforce concepts using transparencies or powerpoint presentation.The teacher should also stress the importance of avoiding viral diseases, taking dugs unnecessarily during the first trimester of pregnancy. They may be asked to tabulate these on the board.
5. Show a colored transparency of the different extra embryonic membranes. Ask the students the importance of each.( Umbilical cord is the link between mother and child)Make them understand that the life of the fetus depends on the healthy lifestyle of the mother.
6. Ask them what signals the birth process.Make them choose from cut out words written in construction boards posted on the board. ( words like hormones, size, age of the fetus,mother's instinct,even incorrect options shloud be included ). Discuss and show pictures of the birth process.
7. To make them understand responsible parenthood, let a pre-assigned group role play a family scenario with just two children and another with seven children.Then, let the class discuss the advantage and disadvantages of a small family. Then, the teacher presents a chart of the different birth control methods. Ask the class which of these methods are allowed in their locality/country.
8. Ask a few volunteers to choose which birth control method will they likely use in the future. The teacher should tell the class the pros and cons of each birth control method.
9. Stress that although it is everyone's dream to have an ideal family size, always remember that a child is a gift not a choice.
10. End the lesson with another song about the joys of motherhood. ( Suggestion: Miracle by Filipino artist Martin Nievera or A Song for Isabella by Kuh Ledesma)

Make the class fill up the follwing incomplete statements:
I learned that life is....
I was surprised to find out that....
I feel that...
I wish to...
I appreciate (person).... better now
I hope I will not...
Make them finish the last statement in the preliminary worksheet
1. distribute copies of poems or articles on abortion and motherhood ( Diar of the Unborn Child, Baby's Song,Who wil Hear the Baby and Dear Mommy letter ). Tell the class to reflect on these and make a poster against abortion
2. Write a poem or letter addressed to your first born child in the future and express your thoughts, feelings and dreams for him/her

Thank you. Hope you may find this useful.