Grade: Elementary

#3576. Sky, Grass, Earth writing lesson

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Jan 2 20:03:18 PST 2006 by Adela Mattern (
Royal Oaks Elementary, Duarte, USA
Materials Required: Sky, Grass, Earth paper and pencil
Activity Time: 20-30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Teaches penmanship

Sky/Grass/Earth Writing Lesson

Anticipatory set
We are going to learn how to form our letters the right way.

Students in class will learn to form the letters correctly on specified lined paper; provided. Practice will help improve their print significantly.

Sky/Grass/Earth paper

Instructional Methods
Give explanation for the paper provided. We will analyze the letters together. Show them which letters "live" in the grass only, sky and grass, and in the grass and earth.

Checking for Understanding
After forming a few letters on transparency, have students count how many live in each location
Have students make a list of the letters which "live" in each location.

Guided Practice
Have students follow along on their papers, as we write the first three letters of each location. Walk around the room and monitor.

Students will achieve understanding of the formation and placement of the letters.
Re-teaching will be helpful.

Independent Practice
Students will practice remaining letters for homework.