Grade: Elementary
Subject: Music

#3578. Alegro, Andante and Moderato

Music, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Jan 3 11:55:17 PST 2006 by Nicola Smeaton (
Dacusville Middle School, United States
Materials Required: Large aria like a field of gym and a way of making a line for the "it" to stand on.
Activity Time: 10 min +
Concepts Taught: Tempo markings

This game is like red light green light, pick one student to be "it" this person picks a "tempo" for the rest of the class to take to get to them. The student can change the tempo as many times as they wish and can even say reverse or stop to make the game last longer.
If a student does not take the correct tempo they are out and sit near "it" and help watch out for the next person or group of people that are out.
The first person to get to the line the "it" is the next "it"