Grade: all
Subject: Phys Ed


Phys Ed, level: all
Posted by Elaine Magud (
Joshua Cowell, Manteca, Ca.
Materials Required: old socks
Activity Time: varied
Concepts Taught: fun!

How about "CLEAN YOUR ROOM!"
I collect old socks - wash them of course!- and tie a knot in them. These are the dirty clothes. One half of the class against the other! Outside I do this in a dodgeball circle with the socks in the middle. Those on the inside throw them out of the circle and the students on the outside try to throw them back in. Those with the least number of socks after the whistle blows win!
Inside it's sock war! Each side gets the same amount of socks- a line or rope down the center indicates "sides". same principle as clean your room.
They must throw only one sock at a time.
If they throw a sock after the whistle blows the penalty is 4 additional socks back on their side.( keeps those last minute throwers from loading up!)
My kinders love this game!

For older students it becomes a sock war. If they get hit with a sock then they have to lie down. Each side chooses two secret medics who can touch the "wounded" student and they can stand up again. Those who pay attention can figure out who the medic is and hit them with socks first. I did this with 5th graders on the football field. They really got good at finding out who the medics were and creating strategies for getting all of their socks to the other side.