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#3583. "Nothing Sticks Like a Shadow" - OPEN COURT, Unit 2.19

Reading/Writing, level: Kindergarten
Posted Thu Oct 13 20:29:23 PDT 2005 by Rita (rsuh@hawthorne.k12.ca.us).
Washington Elementary, Hawthorne, USA
Materials Required: Story cards for "Nothing Sticks Like a Shadow"
Activity Time: 30 min.
Concepts Taught: Open Court - Red Section - Reading and Responding Section

1. Topic
This lesson is about following and retelling a sequence of events in a story. The story, "Nothing Sticks Like a Shadow" has been read everyday that week.

2. Content Standard(s)
Reading 2.4, 3.3
Technology 3.1, 3.2

3. Learning and Teaching Activities
The activity addresses the standard. I will display story cards on the wall, using an LCD projector and Powerpoint, and the students will have to retell the story.

What activities will students do before they use technology?
We will have retold the events of "Nothing Sticks Like Shadow" and identified thoughts and feelings throughout the story.

What activities will students do while using technology?

What activities will students do after using technology?
Students will have to put together the story cards in sequential order, individually.

4. Student Outcomes
Based on the standards, students will benefit because we will put together a story book using Powerpoint. Through this lesson, we will promote creativity and enhance their learning.

5. Student Assessment
I will see if the story cards are put in order correctly.

Are there any tools you are going to use?
Story Cards from "Nothing Sticks Like a Shadow"

6. Materials and Resources
LCD Projector

7. Procedure and/or Interactions
Introduction/Opening: We've been reading "Nothing Sticks Like a Shadow". Let's put together the story events using pictures to remind us.

What the teacher will do: When displaying the picture, I will ask students what that event is.

What the students will do: They will tell the event of the story by looking at the picture.
Closing: Students will have to paste the story events in order on their own paper.

8. Extensions
Using Kindergarten Blackline Master 18, students can put in order the events of "Lion's Birthday Party".