Grade: Advanced
Subject: Music

#3586. Brittany lesson - model

Music, level: Advanced
Posted Thu Nov 17 17:17:32 PST 2005 by Brittany (
Dalewood, Chattanooga Tenn.
Materials Required: clothes song
Activity Time: 9:00 to 11:00

You ask your students to go to there seat and seat down and then you say we will be doing a music and a singing contest this is how it works they will pick a song and dress up as her/hem they will have to sing one of her/his songs. And who ever you think is the best they can get a out of dress code pass if your school dont have to wear dress code and they will get a free no homework pass and the last thing they will get is a pizza party they get to pick a friend.

Teachers:if you do this lesson please tell the child who won great job or something like that!