Grade: Elementary
Subject: other

#3587. The Handwriting Game

other, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Nov 19 17:59:56 PST 2005 by Tim Pertler (
CTB/ McGraw-Hill, Middletown, Indiana
Materials Required: Handwriting paper, pencil, scissors
Activity Time: teacher choice
Concepts Taught: Handwriting

Each student is given a sheet of Handwriting paper. They put their name on the top and bottom line. Give each student a different letter of the alphabet. The student writes (in their best handwriting) that letter on the second line and beside their name on the bottom line. The students then cut off the bottom line and place it on top of their desk. Teacher selects a student or one boy/one girl student. This can be selected however way the teacher prefers. The selected student(s)takes pencil and bigger sheet of writing paper and looks for the quietest person in the room. To eliminate picking best friends, make the searching student pick the opposite gender. The selected student taps the quiet person on the shoulder and sits at that desk. The student writes down the letter left on that desk (in best handwriting) and the quiet person selected now takes her/his pencil and bigger paper and repeats the search. This "game" can last as long as teacher desires depending on students' attention and interest span. This is a great activity when teacher needs time in the classroom uninterrupted for completing a task. At the conclusion of game, teacher collects papers and grades papers for quality of handwriting not quantity of letters!