Grade: Elementary
Subject: Geography

#3588. Geography via websites

Geography, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Nov 20 04:29:35 PST 2005 by Sarah Hamilton-Smith (
CallingID toolbar
New Haven Hebrew Day, New Haven, Conn.
Materials Required: Computer, toolbar, GoogleEarth
Activity Time: 1 Hour - A week
Concepts Taught: Visit sites and mark their locations on the globe

The activity uses the CallingID toolbar ( which shows the country of origin for any website and the Google-earth viewer (a virtual globe) to map out where the kids favorite sites are from.

Task - Each student must find at least 7 sites from different countries and find those countries onthe globe.

Additional tasks - make a list of the languages spoken in the countries, the major religions and GNP for each country...

Both programs are free and safe for kids, so they can download them at home and do homework as well.

Good Luck!