Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#3592. Punctuation Party

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Nov 27 11:48:54 PST 2005 by susannah maddock (
Washington Elementary, Mount Vernon, IA US
Materials Required: construction paper in a variety of colors, markers, cups and juice foe all students
Activity Time: one 1/2 hour period
Concepts Taught: To review punctuation conventions in a fun way

Have students "dress up" as punctuation marks by making a simple headband-style hat and drawing a punctuation mark of their choice on it. Make sure all the end marks and other punctuation you have discussed as a class are represented fairly equally.
Pour each student a cup of juice and have them mingle as they would in a party, sipping their juice and greeting friends.
When they meet a friend, each should say this to the other: "Oh, it's so nice to see you, Comma! I understand you are the one who allows me to list items in my writing!" Or something that shows that the person knows one or more of the ways to use that punctuation. The other person should respond in the affirmative if the person is correct and then speak similarly to that person according to their hat... "Yes, I'm very good at that. Now, let me see...weren't you helping me show important things in my writing, Exclamation Point?"
When both people have spoken and responded, the mingling continues.
You can use a chime to tell when to move on, or just note when kids seem to be finished with their current partner.
If you have a particularly shy class, have everyone stand in facing lines instead of mingling, then slide down the lines when it's time to move.
Have fun!