Grade: Senior
Subject: Mathematics

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#36. Moving Out

Mathematics, level: Senior
Posted by Karen Burnett ().
Burnett Northside High School Fort Smith, Ar, US
Materials Required: local newspaper, paper.
Activity Time: 10 class periods
Concepts Taught: Applied English & Applied Math

At high school level, most students have one purpose in life...they must move out! In this lesson plan,
the students have a taste of reality. With the help of my friend and Math specialist Debbie Davis, we give
these students a chance to see what moving out is about. First, the students must make a list of 20 things
they will need to live on their own. Then they must calculate the cost of the items. Next, with the help of
our local paper, the students look for jobs to help them fund their independence. We also called the
utilities to see how much the average deposits are and the monthly rates. Students must make a monthly
budget using the imformation about the job listed in the paper that they desire. They must be able to
actually interview for said job. They can not become doctors or lawyers without an education! Students
must make a grocery list and make up a menu for one day. Using the newspaper they will estimate the
cost of eating for one day, one month, and one year. The students will work in groups of fours. Each
student will keep record of his progress in a reflection paper. After all budgeting is calulated, Ms. Davis
will show the students how to make a circle graph. This graph will be enclosed with their reflection paper
about how "moving out" actually works!! The students enjoy this project, for many reasons, and school
may not be such a bad place to be after all!!