Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#3602. Deadly Roots?

Science, level: Middle
Posted Thu Dec 8 11:58:43 PST 2005 by Rebecca Jones (
USD 475, Junction City, KS

I will place each group's plants (from their class experiment) on the front table for us to look at and compare. We will discuss which group's plant responded the best to the prescribed environment. We will discuss what each group did and why we feel the plants reacted in the way they did.

We will look at a cross section of a root on the overhead. We will discuss: What are roots? What do they do? Why are they important to plants?

I will point out roots adaptations: i.e. tap root vs. fibrous branching using a power point presentation. Students will see pictures of different root types next to the plant they belong to. (Example: tap root picture next to a picture of a carrot.) After each slide I will discuss how the particular root helps the plant.

Students will complete a picture worksheet, giving the function/importance of each part. This activity will put all of the plant parts we have studied together in one picture, serving as a review and a study aid for the test.

Students will complete a review worksheet as homework.