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Subject: Language

#3605. Sightseeing in New York city

Language, level: other
Posted Wed Jan 11 09:10:01 PST 2006 by francisco camalich (
private teachings, mexicali,Mexico
Materials Required: visuals of famous sights in new york city
Activity Time: 45 mins.
Concepts Taught: prepositions of location asking directions

Sightseeing in New York city

Goals:describing location,asking for a location,giving directions
Grammar:prepositions of location (in,on,at,in the corner of,around the corner from,behind,next to)
Useful expressions: How do I get to...?
Can you tell me where the----- is? excuse me,where is?
Materials:map of new york city,visuals shopwing different New York city sights( e.g. Statue of Liberty,Central park etc.)
Procedure:as a warm up teacher will show SS visual with some well known New York sights and ask them the names of the sights.
Activity 1:In groups according to# of ss in class,ss will find the places of the sights mentioned on previous activity on a map the teacher will give them.
Activity 2: T writes on the board the question Where's the empire state? and ss answer by looking at the location on their maps.
Activity 3:Now ss will ask the same question to their group paretners using other new york sights on their maps.
Activity 4: T introduces the useful expressions to ask for directions and practices them with some students and then ss in their group practice them with other direcctions.
Closings: students ask for location and directions in their own hometown.