Grade: other
Subject: Language

#3606. possesive pronouns

Language, level: other
Posted Wed Jan 11 11:23:43 PST 2006 by Francisco Camalich (
private teaching, Mexicali,Mexico
Materials Required: quiz copies
Activity Time: 15 mins
Concepts Taught: grammar quiz

This is a simple quiz in which students from a begginer's level of ESL will practice the grammar needed to describe ownership;


Fill in the blanks with the correct word in parenthesis:

1.- She is my sister._____ name is Mary (she/her)

2.- My brothers are on vacation.______are in England. (they/their)

3.- Excuse me,what's _____ phone number? (your/you)

4.- Chocolate ice cream is delicious!____ is my
favorite dessert (it/its)

5.- This is not______classroom. (we/our)

6.- They are John and Martha._____ are my classmates. (their/tey)

7.- Paris is a beautiful city.____is the capital of France. (its/it)

8.- Are _____ your books? (you/your)

9.- That red car is_______ car. (your/you)

10.- ___ name is Michael,please calle me Mike.(I/my)