Grade: all
Subject: Language

#3607. Contrast of Simple Present and Present Continuous

Language, level: all
Posted Wed Jan 11 16:29:38 PST 2006 by Erika Real (
Private Teaching, Mexicali, Mexico
Materials Required: copies
Activity Time: 15 min.
Concepts Taught: Grammar exercises

This is a contrast of tenses using the correct form of the verbs.

1.- The teacher (close) the door at 8 o'clock sharp.
2.- I (do) the next to the last sentence right now.
3.- I frequently (do) my homework on the bus.
4.- The sun (get) very hot during the afternoon.
5.- The students (look up) that new word right now.
6.- He (talk)to Tom now.
7.- Mr. Black (do) exercise thirteen at the moment.
8.- The children (sleep) for two hours every afternoon.
9.- They (work) hard everyday.
10.- Mr. Moore(pay) the bills once a month.