Grade: all
Subject: Language

#3608. How much do you know?

Language, level: all
Posted Wed Jan 11 21:02:35 PST 2006 by Erika Real (
Private Teaching, Mexicali, Mexico
Materials Required: copies
Activity Time: 30 hmin.
Concepts Taught: Comparisons with adjectives

This is a list of questions that tests general knowledge using similarities and differences.
1.- Is Mexico closer to the equator than Colombia?
2.- Which has more sides, a pentagon or a diamond?
3.- Is the population of China bigger than the
population of Japan?
4.- Which has the most calories: a glass of wine, a Coke, or a glass of beer?
5.- Which weighs more, gold or silver?
6.- Is London an older capital city than Paris?
7.- Is Venus closer to the Earth than mars?
8.- Does an egg have more calories than a tablespoon of sugar?
9.- Is Vancouver cooler in winter than Toronto?
10.-Is Singapore larger than Honk Kong?