Subject: Art

#3613. Rainbow and my Shadow

Art, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sun Jan 15 21:44:22 PST 2006 by Mrs.Mira Sarkar (
Vasant Valley School, New Delhi, India
Materials Required: Poster Paint and 18"x24" paper
Activity Time: Three Hours
Concepts Taught: Learning the colors of the rainbow and being aware about your surrounding

Rainbow and My Shadow

I demonstrated how to place the colors of the rainbow on a wet sponge. The order of the colors was repeated quite often while demonstrating. The colors have to be laid on thick so we went through the game of counting how many times I dipped the brush in the paint for each color. The sponge has to be wet for this to work, one day my helper did not soak and squeeze them properly and the exercise was a failure.

The sponge is placed on the drawing paper pressed down with the palm and moved in the direction you want your rainbow to go. First I used my palms and the action to decide how I want my rainbow. I demonstrated at least three actions and decided on one. The sheets were 18" x 24", for this time I wanted the figures to be big.

Following the demonstration I explained to the students how I want them to try on their own the first time. If it doesn't work then they can turn the paper over and ask for adult help the second time. They will have to start with a fresh sponge. Oh yes, the sponge is held vertically while the colors are laid on horizontally. The sponge is placed on the paper vertically and then moved across the paper. I had to explain and demonstrate to the students slowly and carefully about this step. I also demonstrated how it doesn't work when this step is not followed. Our students are bright, only four to five failed in each section the others did the steps exactly.

Next day the students imagined that they were swinging on the rainbow, jumping to touch the rainbow, carrying the rainbow, or whatever else they could think of. Again demonstrating and making the figure big while explaining helps. They were asked not to do the eyes, nose, mouth or hair of the figure. They could add grass flowers and trees if they liked. For the clothes I asked them to do their favorite clothes or pretend they are fashion designers. It could be plain colors, striped or with patterns on it. While demonstrating I would purposely take time and verbalize my choices before deciding.

The last day we took a walk and watched our shadows do exactly what we were doing. Ink was provided for eyes, nose etc. and the shadow. I demonstrated where to hold the brush for good lines for eyes etc., and how to do the shadow. The students who said I don't know how to do the shadow were sent to the sunny spot and asked to look at their shadow again and there was success all round. At this point clouds and the sun were added if they wished. Mira Sarkar Sunday, April 06, 2003

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