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Subject: Language

#3614. simple past and present perfect quiz

Language, level: other
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Materials Required: copies of quiz
Activity Time: 30 mins.

1.- Complete the questions using the present pefect or the simple past:

A)_______you play tennis when you were a child?

B)_______you ever played criquet?

C)________efver seen a polo match?

D)________your father take you fishing?

E)________you played baseball professionally?

II.- Write the following sentences in the correct order:





c)in winter/Spain/have/never/they/been


d)been/in summer/The Olympic games/have/always


III.- Complete the following questions and sentences with the correct form of the verbs in

a)Did you like the movie "La mexicana"
I don't know.I (see,never)________________

_________________ that movie.

b)Sam (arrive)________________ yesterday.

c)My boyfriend and I (know)______________

____________each other for two years.

d)I (tell)________ him to stay on the

path but he (wander)___________ off

into the forest and (be)_________by a


e)Sam is from Montana,which is far from the

coast,so he (see,never)_____________the