Grade: Advanced
Subject: Language

#3618. controversial statements

Language, level: Advanced
Posted Tue Jan 17 12:17:05 PST 2006 by francisco camalich (
private teachin g, mexicali,mexico
Materials Required: slips of paper with controversial statements
Activity Time: 15-30 minbs
Concepts Taught: to get conversation going

Teacher will write on slips of paper or index cards the following statements to get studwents start a conversation:

A woman's place is in the home

Boys and girls should not have the same

Soft drugs like marijuana should be legalized.

Single people is happier than married people.

Being late is a mexican personality trait.

Money is the most important thing in the world.

Rich people are happier than poor people.

These statements can be used to start
conversation and students will explain their
opinions on the subject.