Grade: Middle

#3623. Narrative Writing Outline

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
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Mesa View, Huntington Beach, CA
Materials Required: paper, pencil, post-it's
Activity Time: 30 min.
Concepts Taught: Elements of a narrative

Subject/Topic: Literature and Language Arts/ Narrative Writing

Writing Strategies
1.0 Students will write clear, coherent and focused essays. The writing exhibits students' awareness of the audience and purpose.
1.3 Use strategies of outlining to impose structure on composition drafts.

SADIE Strategies: Confirmation checks, repetition, wait time, visuals, technology, and prewriting

Key Questions

1.What is the purpose of a narrative writing or short story?
2.Who is your audience/
3.What mood are you trying to create?
4.Will your narrative be fiction or non-fiction?
5.Who will the main character be?
6.Who will the minor characters be?
7.What is the setting of you story?
8.What conflict occurs in your story?

Teacher Action
1. Students will be writing a short story.
Review key questions 1-3.
Student Action
1. Whole class response.

Teacher Action
2. Brainstorm ideas for a short story. Review questions 4-8.
Student Action
2. Brainstorm and share with a partner.

Teacher Action
3. Draw five scenes from your narrative on post-it's. One post-it for the beginning, one for the middle/body, one for the middle/body, one for the middle/body and one for the conclusion.
Student Action
3. Brainstorm and share with a partner.

Teacher Action
4. Add descriptions for each post-it. Descriptions should be short, bullet points not complete sentences.
Student Action
4. Add descriptions for each post-it and share with a partner.

Finished product: Outline for narrative writing. Students will use this outline to write a five paragraph narrative essay.