Grade: Middle

#3637. World War One Newscast

Social Studies, level: Middle
Posted Wed Feb 1 06:25:35 PST 2006 by Tyler Garrett (
Liberty Middle School, Liberty, SC: USA
Materials Required: Computers, Internet, books, posterboard, anything else you can think of!!!
Activity Time: 3-4 Days
Concepts Taught: To explain the causes and key events of World War One.

World War One Project

The local television station is presenting a special report dealing with World War One. Each group will have a five to ten minute feature on a different topic. Each group will be responsible for researching the topic assigned to them, writing the script, creating graphics or visual aids, and presenting the newscast to the rest of the class.

Group 1- Causes of WWI

Group 2- Highlight two or three battles
of WWI

Group 3- New Weapons in WWI

Group 4- Leaders of WWI

Group 5- Results of WWI

On the day that the groups present, each group needs to turn in a one page summary to the teacher on the important facts that they learned about their group topic. Remember that this is a newscast and we want it to flow smoothly; therefore, you need to practice before you present.

Teachers: Remember to make this fun. Try to set a table in the front of the room and decorate both the table and behind the table to make it look like the set of a newscast. The students will enjoy this as much as the presentations!!!