Grade: Middle
Subject: Phys Ed

#3641. Hockey Hunt

Phys Ed, level: Middle
Posted Thu Feb 2 07:14:00 PST 2006 by Erin Keen (
Liberty Middle School, Liberty, USA
Materials Required: internet ready computer, paper, pencil, rubric
Activity Time: two class periods
Concepts Taught: technology, rules, olympics

Objective: The student will be able to use the web to find information on Hockey rules, terms and history. Great lesson to begin a hockey unit and incorporate technology.

Materials: Paper, Pen, Internet ready computer, Rubric


1. Give students rubric on how assignment will be graded, and go over the requirements.

2. Give Key words for students to use to find helpful web sites on Hockey.
Ex., Hockey, ice hockey, hockey teams. . .etc.

3. Explain assignment:
a. Five rules
b. Five terms (offsides, puck, goal line, red line)
c. Five facts on History of hockey or the NHL
d. One fact about five different teams

4. Allow students to search internet for assignment.

***Monitor what they are looking at to make sure they stay on task****

5. Use a Rubric to grade assignment. Have each rule, term, fact be worth 5 points each. This would make each section worth 25 points.


1. Ask students what some of the rules are that they found on the internet.

2. Ask what terms of an interesting fact about history was.

3. Explain that the purpose of this assigment was for the students to understand the rules of the game, how it was started, and to peak their interest in Hockey.

4. Remind students of when this information is due.