Grade: Elementary

#3646. Why are you special?

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Feb 4 13:43:50 PST 2006 by Lori Frohn (
Harbour View, Huntington Beach, CA
Materials Required: Book: "People" by Peter Spier, word wall poster, paper, pencils, crayons
Activity Time: 60 minutes

Topic: Reading and Writing in response to
People, by Peter Spier.

Purpose: To listen to and enjoy literature
through discussion and writing; to
increase vocabulary.

Standard 1.1 Organization and Focus: Create a
single paragraph: a. Develop a topic
sentence. b. Include simple
supporting facts and details.

Teaching Sequence:
1. Read People aloud. Encourage response from
the students while reading.
2. Discuss the book. Ask students questions
such as: "What are some things that make
people different?" "What makes people
3. Introduce a word wall on, "special." Ask
students to say all words related
to "special." Write students' responses on
the word wall.
4. Have students create a personal cluster on
what makes them "special."
5. Using their personal clusters, have
students draw and write about why they
are "special."

1. Observe whether students listened to and
enjoyed the book and were able to
comprehend, interpret, evaluate, and
appreciate the text and illustrations.
2. Examine the "word wall" for evidence of
children's increased vocabulary and
understanding of new word meanings.
3. Take note of individual students drawings
and writings.

Extended Activities:
1. Continue discussion on the differences of
2. Create a "special" class book with
students' drawings and writings.
3. Read more books about people around the