Grade: Elementary

#365. Cities

Social Studies, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Mar 23 19:42:06 PST 1998 by Paula Powell (Paula cub @
Orchard Elementary School, Mobile, Al., USA
Materials Required: Bulletin board paper, magazines, construction paper, Book: The Little House
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: Identify things seen in the city

Read and enjoy the book - The Little House. Talk about the city and the things that you might see in the city. Talk about tall buildings being called skyscrapers. Give each child a half-sheet of construction paper. Have the children make a skyscraper by cutting the construction paper and adding windows and doors. On a large piece of bulletin board paper, make a horizon line with the skyscrapers. Have the children cut pictures of people to add to the skyscrapers. Glue the pictures in front of the skyscrapers. Add a street. Have the children find pictures of cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, etc. On the street glue on the cars, trucks, etc. Ask the children to name the many varied and unusual things they might see in the city. Write their responses above the skyscrapers with a marker. If your city is known for a special flower, you might want add tissue paper flowers to the bottom of your mural. Label your mural: Our City.