Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#3651. Magnets

Science, level: Elementary
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Kelly Edwards Elementary School, Williston, USA
Materials Required: A bag containing: a nail, key, wire, rubber band, wooden pencil, twist tie, battery, soft drink can,

Title: Magnets
Date: 01-09-06
Subject: Science
Grade Level: 2nd grade

IV. Physical Science
B. Magnetism
a .Investigate and classify the results of
magnetic forces on common objects
b. Demonstrate and describe how the poles of
magnets attract and repel each other.
c. Give examples of useful applications of
magnets (e.g., refrigerator magnet, can
opener, magnetized screwdriver, magnetic

I. Objective:
The learner will classify objects and
formulate hypotheses regarding materials and
their magnetic properties.

II. Procedures:
1. Ask students what is a magnet.
2. Have students complete worksheet (What
will Magnets Attract").
3. After the students complete the
worksheet make a record of what they
4. Watch video on magnets.
5. After video ask students questions.
What will a magnet attract? What poles
are on the magnet? Can magnets with the
same poles attract each other?
6. Let students look back over their
worksheet and change answers.
7. While they are looking back over their
worksheet they have a bag of the objects
on the worksheet to test.

III. Materials for each group:
A bag containing: a nail, key, wire,
rubber band, wooden pencil, twist
tie, screw, battery, soft drink can,
penny, paper clip, bar magnet, and
project sheet (Will a Magnet Attract?).

IV. Assessment
As students work, observe how they answer