Grade: Middle
Subject: Literature

#3654. First Steps Toward Source Citation: Author Research

Literature, level: Middle
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D. W. Daniel High School, Central, SC
Materials Required: computers w/ Internet & Word, printer, construction paper, colorful writing utensils, glue, folders
Activity Time: 180 minutes

Step 1
You will be paired up with a classmate and assigned a prominent author.

Step 2
We will go to the LMC and use computers to find and record the following information about your author:
1) date of birth and death
2) place of birth
3) two major works
4) a picture of the author
5) two images to illustrate the two major works

While printed sources are always useful, we will focus on finding information through websites and electronic databases such as DISCUS (South Carolina's Virtual Library).

Step 3
Copy and paste all required information into a saved Word document. Also, copy and paste the URL's from whence you found the text and images. You will need this information when you prepare your Works Cited page.

Step 4
Print your information, and place it in a folder.

Step 5
Design a presentation of your collected information, and place your findings on a provided large sheet of construction paper.

Step 6
Using computers to revisit the websites you used, prepare a Works Cited page, following MLA guidelines. (Guidelines and instruction will be provided.)

Step 7
Present your colorful author sheet to the class.

Step 8
Turn in both the author sheet and Works Cited page.

Grading Rubric

Required components 40
Information accuracy 20
Complete & correct citations 50
Visual neatness and interest 20
Oral presentation 20