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Social Studies
Grade: Middle

#3656. Early Explorers Project

Social Studies, level: Middle
Posted Thu Feb 9 08:57:30 PST 2006 by Nikki Culbertson (
Liberty Middle School, Liberty, SC
Materials Required: Computer Access, Poster Board
Activity Time: 3-5 hours (about a weeks worth of one class)
Concepts Taught: Expeditions and Explorers of Early America

Day 1-The students will work in computer lab to research given explorer. Some suggestions for explorers are: Christopher Columbus, Francisco Gordillo, Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon, Jean Ribaut, Giovanni da Verrazano, Juan Pardo, Hernando de Soto. Students will be given a sheet created by teacher with questions to answer (base the questions on what you want the children to know about the explorers). The students will start by going to a search engine to find information. The teacher must approve them, and students must make record of each website used.

DAY 2-In groups the students will work on a catchy rap/poem/song/powerpoint for their presentation. Students will get very creative. Suggestion: Tell the students to use a tune from a TV theme song.

DAY 3-Create paper doll. Students will create a paper doll from poster board representing what they think their explorer would have looked like. The clothing should show clothing from the time period.

DAY 4-Practice presentations. Make all final changes to all parts of the project.

DAY 5-PRESENTATIONS! During presentations all groups will have to fill out the "When, From and to Where?" Sheet. This was teacher created and has Who the explorer was, when the expedition took place, from where and to where! They will be tested on this information about each explorer not just their own.

Evaluation/Assessment: Presentation and Test on all explorers. My students could also earn Extra Credit for dressing like an explorer.