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#3658. Propaganda: Making a Commercial

, level: Middle
Posted Thu Feb 9 13:32:46 PST 2006 by Brooke Childers (
Gettys Middle School, Easley, SC- USA
Activity Time: 3- 40 minte sessions

7th grade Language Arts

Propaganda: Making a Commercial

South Carolina Standards:
C3.8 Begin evaluation of the ways that the use of language, the medium, and the presentation contribute to the meaning and impact a message.
C3.7 Begin analyzing nonprint sources for accuracy, bias, intent, and purpose.
R1.15 Continue detecting bias and identifying propaganda techniques.
RS 2.7 Begin evaluating sources for accuracy, bias, and credibility.
C1.6 Demonstrate the ability to give brief presentations, demonstrations, and oral reports.
C1.7 Demonstrate the ability to use visual aids, props, and technology to support and extend his or her meaning and enhance his or her oral presentation.

commercial handouts
commercial samples
*student provide themselves with materials they may need.

1.After a study of the different types of Propaganda techniques, give the students sample commercials to look over.
2.Divide the students in groups.
3.Write a 60 second TV or radio commercial to advertise a product or service. It can be a made up product or service. (using props is encouraged)
4.Follow the Commercial Frame Handout. (see below)
5.Perform commercial for class or prepare an audio tape or videotape and share the finished product with the class.
6.After the students have performed their commercials, the students viewing will write on notebook paper one of the following phrases: I want it! I'm thinking about it or Not a Chance! After viewing the commercial, share the phrase that reflects how convinced you were to buy the product or service.

Commercial Handout
1.product name (clever and memorable)
2.setting names
6.special features of the product
7.persuasive techniques (at least three of the propaganda techniques)
8.create a sense of urgency
10.targeted audience
Script: each person must have a speaking part. Make sure all of the above is in the script.