Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Mathematics

#3659. Two part patterns

Mathematics, level: Pre-School
Posted Sat Feb 11 07:57:43 PST 2006 by Mandy Richardson (
Forest Acres Elementary School, Easley, SC
Materials Required: Different colors of laminated construction paper
Activity Time: 20 minutes

I. Objective:
The students will be able to create a two part pattern.

II. Materials:
~ Laminated pieces of construction paper in 4 different colors

III. State Standards:
Math-Recognize a two-part pattern and extend.

IV. Procedures:

1. I call all students to group time and explain that we are going to make patterns.
2. I ask for volunteers and show them an example. I start off by creating a boy/girl pattern. I ask for a few students to volunteer and stand in front of the class. Then I ask what will come next? Can anyone name our pattern?
3. Next I pass out pieces of construction paper in four colors (red, blue, yellow, green). I ask all of the students to get with their color team.
4. After students are sitting with their color team then I mix two color teams together and I work with that group. My assistant will work with the other two color teams. We will guide them in creating a two part pattern. After we have our pattern complete the teachers will call out the patterns and have students repeat it.
5. Once the teams have the two part pattern ready the students come back together and each team shares their pattern with the other team. We see if the other team can tell us what comes next and name our pattern.

V. Assessment:

There are several different ways I can assess students when doing this activity. First I can tell which of my students can group themselves with the same color group. Second I can see who knows their colors when they call out the pattern back to us. Third I can see who is able to make a two part pattern.


When I first start off introducing patterns I use this lesson. I modify and adjust it to more difficult patterns once they have mastered the two part pattern. After we have done this activity once I will assign a leader for each of the groups who helps decide what pattern his/her team will use. The students love this activity and I am often ask if we going to do the patterns today. Whenever time permits I line them up in a pattern and ask them to guess the pattern. We have already moved on to harder patterns such as AAB, or ABC patterns. The majority of the class has caught on to this. I love seeing them thinking and trying to figure out what comes next.