Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#3660. Scoot for Money

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Feb 11 13:54:55 PST 2006 by Ashley Bowers (
Materials Required: paper cups and an index card for each child, and plastic coins
Activity Time: 20 minutes- more or less with modifications
Concepts Taught: Counting Coins

After reviewing the description and the value of the coins with the children, place a variety of amounts of change in cups for each child. Number an index card for each child in the class. Place the one card on each child's desk and a cup on each card. Give the children a piece of paper with each number listed on it (or have them number their own paper). The children will count the money in the cup on their desk, write their answer by the corresponding number on their paper, and put the money back in the cup. I ask my children to put the cup back on the index card so I know that they are finished counting. Then I say "Scoot" and they move to the next number. We rotate until each child has been to every desk and then returned back to their desk. We then check our papers, and I let them bring their cup to my "Candy Store" where they can use their money to buy candy. We then can practice making change, and I will be able to see them counting their money in a one-on-one setting.

Scoot can be played with addition and subtraction facts and flash cards as well as with money flash cards. This game can be modified to fit just about any lesson for a variety of grades. The kids love it and handle the movement very well! It is an exciting and hands-on way to practice counting money.