Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Mathematics

#3663. The One-Hundredth Day of School

Mathematics, level: Pre-School
Posted Sun Feb 12 10:41:05 PST 2006 by Heather Rogers (
Dacusville Elementary, Easley, SC, USA
Materials Required: Froot Loops, Fishing Line
Activity Time: 30 Minutes
Concepts Taught: Patterns, Introducing Counting by tens, Fine Motor Skills

Objective - The student will use their fine motor skills to create a pattern of one-hundred fruit loops using the concept of counting by tens in order to create a one-hundredth day of school necklace.
Procedure :
1) After reading the book, The One-Hundredth Day of School and doing calendar with her students, the teacher will introduce the concept of counting by tens to one-hundred with her students. The teacher will also remind her students of patterns by using some of the examples they have done already in the class using patterns.
2) The students will then go to their small group table in which the teacher will give the students one-hundred froot loops. Their will be five different colors and each color will have twenty froot loops in their bag. They will also be given fishing line with a clothespin at the end of it so when they start stringing their cereal it will not fall off.
3) The teacher will remind her students that they are going to string their froot loops in a pattern using ten froot loops of the same color and then starting over with a new color. Once they have fifty of their froot loops on their necklace in chunks of tens. They will start over doing the exact same thing to create their pattern.
Assessment: After the students complete their necklaces, they will come back to the rug as a whole class for discussion. Students will take turns telling the pattern of their necklace and how they know there are one-hundred froot loops on their necklace, each one standing for one day of school. To close the lesson the teacher will guide the students in counting to one-hundred by tens.