Grade: Elementary

#3665. Cause and Effect : The Revolutionary War

Social Studies, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Feb 12 14:32:57 PST 2006 by Fonda DuPre (
Liberty Elementary School, Liberty, USA
Materials Required: Cause & Effect Map, Literature that describes causes & effects of the Revolutionary War
Activity Time: 35 minutes
Concepts Taught: Higher order thinking & using thinking maps

Lesson Plan:
Causes and Effects of the Revolutionary War

Objective: TSW identify the major causes of the Revolutionary War (The French and Indian War, The Stamp Act, The Quartering Act, The Tea Act, The Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party, etc.) that led up to the Revolutionary War. TSW identify some of the effects of the Revolutionary War (inflation, rioting, taxing between the states, distrust, and highly paid government officials) and the effects on African Americans and Native Americans. TSW use higher order thinking to conclude how the Revolutionary War has affected their lives (So.. what does this mean to me).

Materials: Cause and Effect Thinking Map, text books on Pre and Post Revolutionary War (I used our school text, several texts by Scholastic, and the USA Weekly Newspaper)

Procedures: * I am using this at the end of my study on the Revolutionary War. . . The students have studied their text, their USA Weekly Newspaper, and other sources (scholastic books).
1. Have students get into groups of 2 or 3.
2. Give students their thinking map.
3. Have students work with their team to think of the different events that led up to the Revolutionary War (answers will vary since their where so many different events leading up to the war).
4. Once they have completed their causes, have them work in their team to brainstorm the effects of the war (again, answers will vary since their were many)
5. When the teams have completed the causes and effects, have them brainstorm about the affect the war has had on them (so what does this mean to me. . .).

S.C. Standards: 4-3.1, 4-3.7

Evaluation: Students present their thinking map to the class... Have students present their findings (causes / effects / affects on them).

Lesson Plan by: Fonda DuPre @ Liberty Elementary School