Grade: Elementary
Subject: Special Ed

#3668. Articulation Activity

Special Ed, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Feb 12 18:20:14 PST 2006 by Lisa Moss (
McKissick Elementary, Easley, US
Materials Required: paper kites
Activity Time: 15 minutes
Concepts Taught: Production of target sound /k./

This lesson focuses on the production of /k/ in isolation and at word level. The therapist tapes multiple kites to the ceiling with the strings of the kites hanging down. The session begins with the therapist and the student lying on their backs and looking up at the ceiling. This position drops the tongue into the back of the throat making the /k/ sound easier to produce. The student "warms up" by producing the /k/ sound in isolation while on his/her back. Following multiple productions of /k/ in isolation the student moves to word level. The student pulls down the kites from the ceiling each time saying the word "kite" (i.e., /k/ in initial position of the word).