Grade: Senior
Subject: other

#3679. Find and Design a Brick Layout

other, level: Senior
Posted Wed Feb 15 07:33:01 PST 2006 by Jeffrey Stephens (
BJ Skelton Career Center, Easley, SC
Materials Required: Computer, paper, pencil, masonry tools, and materials
Activity Time: Length of time depends on Student Progress
Concepts Taught: The student will be able to use the internet to find different brick & block

1. Explain to students how their projects will be graded according to what masonry structure they have found on the internet.

2. Students will be given the opportunity to find a project on the internet.(Most designs are found under: www.brickdesigns/fernandomasonry

3. After students have found the project they would like to build, they will get the necessary tools & materials, then layout the correct procedure for their project.

4. Students will build, level, plumb, cut, etc. their project according to what they have learned throughout the year.

5. Students will then be graded on their project according to my practical grade sheet. Students should be very familiar with how they are graded with this sheet by now.

Summary: Ask students different questions about their projects such as: What did they like about their project, dislike, and what was the most difficult procedure for them that they could improve their skills in.