Grade: Middle
Subject: Mathematics

#3680. Recipe fractions

Mathematics, level: Middle
Posted Wed Feb 15 08:00:10 PST 2006 by T. Keaton (
Liberty Middle School, Liberty, USA
Materials Required: Recipes, paper, pencil, direction cards
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Multiplying or dividing fractions

Materials Needed:

Recipes from a cookbook
Cards that state: double recipe, half recipe, triple recipe, etc.

Standards: MIIC1. Use measurement and formulas to solve real-world math problems.
NIIA1. Apply all operations to fractions to solve problems.


Each student will choose a recipe of his or her favorite dish. The dish must have 7 or more ingredients. Students can pair up to work on the two recipes.

One student per pair will choose a card that tells them what they need to do to the recipes. They are to convert the original recipes to the new recipes. They will need to list the old amount for the ingredients, then the new amounts they have computed. Work should be neat and easy to read.

Ask for volunteers to share what they did.