Grade: Middle
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#3681. The Big Inch

other, level: Middle
Posted Thu Feb 16 09:18:08 PST 2006 by Josh Murdock (
Pickens Middle School, Pickens, USA
Materials Required: Posterboard, Rulers
Activity Time: 60 minutes
Concepts Taught: Reading rulers

Title: The Big Inch

Purpose: To develop a prop that will allow students to become more proficient in reading a tape measure.

Procedures: Each student needs to have a section of cardboard that is around 5 -- 6 inches tall and a minimum of 13 inches in length. Take the length of posterboard and place a beginning mark that is 3 inches tall. This mark represents the beginning number, (such as 0 inches), on the ruler. Each mark should be placed " apart. Varying heights are used to distinguish fractional measurements. Marks that represent 1/16" can be 1 inch tall, 1/8" marks an inch and a half, " 2 inches tall, and " are represented by lines that are 2 " tall. At the end of the process, the student should have a magnified inch to aid them in discerning fractional measurements.