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#3682. Group Presentation Project

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Posted Tue Feb 21 22:22:16 PST 2006 by Debbie Swick (
Chatfield Sr. High, Littleton
Concepts Taught: Presentation Skills, Market Segmentation/Marketing Plans

Group Presentations of The Marketing Plan

and Market Segmentation

Author: Debbie Swick

Organization: Chatfield Sr. High School, Littleton, Colorado

Note to Teachers: I developed this project because I hate to lecture in my classes and students get tired of it as well. As you will see I give a lot of points in my class. So, feel free to substitute any material or content and adapt the lesson, points, and rubrics for your needs. Good Luck!

Title: Group Presentations of The Marketing Plan and Market Segmentation

Grade Level: 11-12

Jeffco Marketing Standards:

Standard 2--Students understand the business environment that supports the marketing process.

2.1 understand the contributions of businesses/entrepreneurship;

2.2 understand forms of business organization and the advantages and disadvantages of each

2.3 understand how businesses add utility

2.4 demonstrate an understanding of the nature and scope of business operations

2.5 apply ethical practices in business

Standard 3--Students understand and demonstrate effective career and professional development strategies.

3.1 understand and demonstrate the selling process

3.2 understand the importance of effective customer service

3.3 understand promotional tools and their use

3.7 understand the factors affecting price

3.8 understand the importance of identifying and segmenting markets

3.9 understand the interdependence of the elements of the marketing mix

3.10 understand the concept of product/service planning

Standard 5--Students develop and use professional communication skills to support marketing functions.

5.1 read and understand a variety of business materials

5.2 write effectively for business purposes

5.3 speak and listen to communicate effectively in a business context

5.4 apply complex thinking skills when reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing for business purposes

5.5 demonstrate effective presentation skills

Standard 6--Students apply appropriate technology to manage information related to marketing.

6.2 apply technology to effective presentations

6.3 use computer tools in marketing applications

6.4 understand the use of technology in communication

Goal(s): Students will have a in-depth understanding of The Marketing Plan and Market Segmentation, prepare and deliver a professional and educational presentation.


Fully understand assigned section of chapter
Successful participate on a working team
Create Visuals that enhances presentation
Create an activity for students to reinforce their assigned material
Deliver a professional presentation for the rest of the class

Time Needed: 2 - 55 minute class periods to prepare material for presentation

2 -- 55 minute class periods for presentations

Materials List:

Projector Poster Board

Markers/Paints Glue/Tape

Scissors Computer

Printer Power Point software

CPS software CPS Clickers


Divide students into groups of 3-4

Assign sections of the chapter to each group

Group decides how they want to present the material

Create a presentation with visuals

Create an activity to complement the presentation

Introduction (motivation)

Tired of your teacher lecturing? Well here is your chance to make class more exciting. You are going to "teach" class by, in groups, creating a presentation and activity for a section of the Chapter on Marketing Plans and Market Segmentation. You will get to work in a cooperative team to accomplish this task.

Development (instruction and unevaluated practice)

Pass out Assignment
Discuss possibilities for presentations and activities
Discuss group work and what is expected from team members

Conclusion (summary and evaluated task)

Evaluate group presentations using rubric
Evaluate team work using Team Observation Evaluation Form
Peer Team Evaluations using Peer Team Evaluation Form(use this information along with your observations to evaluate teams)

Instructor Evaluation of Lesson Success:

Did the students reach the goal of the lesson?

Why or why not?

What will you do differently next time?