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Reading/Writing, level: Senior
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Materials Required: Teacher, Students, Open Minds
Activity Time: 1-9 Class periods, depending on need
Concepts Taught: Media Literacy, Current Events, Discussion, Vocabulary

No Cold Reads!

This section is devoted to making sure the teacher and the students have enough prior knowledge to fully retain ownership of the text they are going to engage. Once you examine all we have to offer, you may very well want to view our articles as entire mini-units to be used in between or in conjunction with other extended units you may be teaching.
Our articles and supplementary materials provide you with an amazing number of possibilities. But the coolest thing about what we do is the fact that our offerings are really custom made for the "beyond" component of the "into-through-beyond" approach to education. And the beyond is exactly where we want our kids to naturally move.

Note: Remember our articles are written on two levels. The lower level article has the dateline underlined

The No Cold Reads section consists of:

• Background Information about the specific content in the article. In most cases, you can expect facts, statistics, historical information, names of key players, and anything else we think you will need to achieve "expert status" on the content.
• Vocabulary Study that examines difficult words, figurative language, idioms, and jargon associated with the topic. In many cases, you can parlay the vocabulary/terms study into an entire vocabulary lesson. Check out our context sentences!
• Discussion Questions Besides enlivening a classroom environment, our discussion questions can also be used as journal writing prompts prior to discussion or afterward as prompts for formal writing assignments. One thing is for sure, though: the questions are designed to work in concert with the article to create "aha" moments in the lives of your students, moments they will remember as personally formative.
• Beyond Once your students are finished with the article, discussion, and any other activities you choose, our beyond section provides suggestions for further study of the topic. Teachers and/or students can use this section for continued research and follow up. The possibilities are numerous. Use as you see fit.
• Linkable to most state and national organization standards (NCTE, etc.) Our mini-units are easily linked to your state's learning standards. Take a look at yours, and you will see the large role our units will play in your curriculum.