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Grade: Middle

#3687. Online Newspaper Search

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Tue Feb 28 15:32:48 PST 2006 by Jennifer Widener (
Williston Elko Middle School, Williston, SC USA
Materials Required: Internet acess and computer for each student
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Fact vs. Opinion, Main Idea, Responding to Text, Oral Presentations, Using Technology, and Summary

Title: Online Newspaper Article Search
Grade Level: 6-12
Curriculum Areas: Social Studies, ELA, and Science
Lesson Objectives:
1.Make connections between text read and prior knowledge-other texts-the world
2.Make connections between text read and prior knowledge-other texts-the world
3.Analyze the main idea
4.Recognize difference in fact and opinion
5.Use skimming and scanning techniques
6.Identify the characteristics of genres: fiction, poetry, drama and informational texts
7.Respondto texts both orally and in writing.
8.Face and audience, make eye contact, and use appropriate voice level; continue using appropriate gestures, facial expressions, and posture when making oral presentations.
9.Express and explain ideas orally with fluency and confidence
10.Give brief presentations, demonstrations, and oral reports.
11.Use a variety of resources, including technology to access info.
12.Summarize the info that he/she has gathered.
Technology Connections: The students will be using the internet to view informational resources, newspapers, which would normally be viewed in print.
Assessment: The students will be presenting a summary on the article they chose from the online newspaper to the class and will turn in a printed copy of the article as well as their notes for the presentation.
Procedures: The teacher should first model finding an article of interest and how to summarize the article. The students will sit at individual computer stations and review only the websites listed on the board (,,,, and Once the students have found an article that they would like to share with the class/present, it is to be printed. He/she will highlight the main ideas and key info that will be shared with the class. Students who finish early will read a book silently.
Materials: The students will need paper and pencil to take notes on their article.